10 Products and their real Punjabi taglines!

We all have been through times when we relate our lives with songs. And sometimes it’s shocking to know how relatable the song sounds. Also, this relation theory needs to be very apt when it comes to taglines of the brands and precuts. Here we have listed down some very regular products & services from our daily life and given them a brand new tagline.

AXE – Jattan de na neede lagdi, kehndi peg di vaashna aundi.

Amrit Maan’s ‘Jattan de na need lagdi, kehndi peg di vaashna aundi’, is certainly a very perfect tagline for Axe. Even we believe people use it less for freshness, but more for avoiding odor. Are you one of them too?

LIC – Main kal tak nhi rehna.

Keeping the commercials of LIC in mind, “Main Kal Tak Nahi Rehna’, is a perfect tagline for it. And just like this song of Surjit Bindrakhiya, LIC has been in existence for years.

Marlboro – Mottya jeha beedi ni hundi cigat hundi aa.

While talking to a Melboro fan, it’s always disrespectful to call it a beedi & not a cigarette. Since this is an American Cigarette Brand, its tagline needs to be self-promotional. How about, ‘Motya, bidi ni hundi, cigaat hundi aa’.

Good Night – Tun saun ke raat gujaar lyi, main ro ke raat gujaar lyi.

We can not sleep well, because love has been hurting for years, and so does bites too. And not everybody is blessed to be saved from this love and bites from mosquitoes. Hence, GoodNight’s tagline needs to be loud enough, just like, ‘tu soun ke raat guzar lyi, main ro ke raat guzar lyi’.

Swiggy – Aaja oh aa sajna, takde aa raah sajna.

For swiggy, the most perfect tagline we have found is, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s, ‘Aaja Oh Aa Sajna, Asi Takde Aa Raah Sajna’. Because we know just like us, you are one of those too, who can’t take their eyes off from their doors, and keeps on tracking the order online. Come on! We all love food, and its nothing to be ashamed about.

Black Lable – Ni Laake 3 peg balliye.

The pride of Punjabis & every Punjabi party, Black Lable can never settle for one. That’s why, Sharry Maan’s ‘Ni, Laake 3 Pegg Balliye’ is a perfect tagline for it. By the way, were you thinking of “Ni, Lable Black Chaldi”?

Xerox – Je thode saaryan da lagda ni mere bina chit, photocopian krake rakhlo.

We all can never forget the days and long queues we had to be in, for getting out notes photocopied. Yes. It was a tough job, but to clear the exams, was a must too. So, for xerox’s tagline, what would suit better than, “Je Thode Saarya Da Lagda Ni Mere Bina Chit, Photocopiyan Karake Rakhlo”?

Lays – Hawa vich ud de lafafe firde.

We thought of getting Lays in this list too because today’s generation is really crazy over them. We have got them a perfect tagline from Karan Aujla’s songs,’ Hawa Vich Ud De Lifafe Firde’.

By the way, have you ever tried this pack of flavored air? If not, you definitely should, because, inside, they give you some chips free too.

Trucaller – Mitran daa naa chalda.

Is a smartphone smart enough, it has not installed truecaller. ‘Mitran Da Naa Chalda’ is a tagline for it because having Trucaller by your side is not only in trend, but definitely a smart choice too. Else, how would you know, it’s your boss calling from another number?

Tinder – Mel karade rabba, sohni kudi de naal.

They say when you find no one, and lose all hopes, is the time, you login into Tinder. Thousands of people are Tinder users, watering their dreams to grow bigger, and find their soulmates. It feels like Amrinder Gill’s ‘Mel Karade Rabba, Sohni Kudi De Naal’, was only made for being Tinder’s tagline here in this article. But, unfortunately, we haven’t come across such a perfect match yet. Have you?

Before this, even we could not realize these songs suit so well to be the taglines of all these products & services. But, next time you listen to any of these songs, you’ll definitely catch what product it is talking about.

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