Ind Vs Pak: 5 Brands That Advertised The Indian Victory Without Letting The Other Team Down

The India vs Pakistan match was a huge deal. The matches between the two neighboring countries are quite famous because of their intensity.  The match is often termed as the El Classico of Cricketer.  The stadiums go housefull as many people come to witness this event. 

Recently, India beat Pakistan in a cricket match which was held in Ahmedabad. It was a proud moment for our nation to beat Pakistan in our homeland. Winning the match was a glorious moment for every Indian but we must keep this in mind that never put the other team down.

On the other hand,to keep up with the spirit of this cricket match a lot of brands advertised themselves through cricket puns and jokes which were hilariously funny. 

Below are some brand advertisement which were very unique but they did not bear the other team down


Lifebuoy is a soap brand and they did not miss an opportunity to advertise their hygiene solutions during the match. 

Clear Trip

Clear Trip advertised themselves in such a way that they didn’t put the other team down. Instead they urged everyone to not celebrate anyone’s loss.



KitKat did not add provocative statements or anything that would have let the other team down. Instead they hoped and prayed for our victory.



Zomato did not miss any opportunity to stay firm for our victory. The company was all about India winning the world cup but it did not let the other team down.


Flipkart advertised themselves in the most unique way. They turned their Ad into bingo tickets and the consumers could unlock their deals with every milestone in the match. 

Source: Flipkart
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