5 Things That Prove Gurnam Bhullar Is A Perfect Husband Material!

The cutest, smartest, amazing and what not, Gurnam Bhullar is all of it and has all the elements that a perfect partner should have. We are sure, you are also as fond of him and his style as we are, by the way we don’t have a reason to not to admire him. 

Gurnam Bhullar has made his name shine in the Punjabi music and film industry in a very less period of time and got his name engraved in people’s, especially girls’, hearts. From playing a sweet guy in film like Guddiyan Patole to all of a sudden shocking everyone with his looks from the movie, Lekh, Gurnam has been enough of a versatile person and an actor. 

We can’t find even a single reason to dislike this amazing personality both as a professional and as a person. We are sure you too are fond of this awesome actor and singer if you have reached till here, and for this reason we have got you a superb quality tour of the actor’s personality and traits. 

Here are 5 strong points that will choose you to say YES to Gurnal Bhullar if he is in the list of perfect ‘Husband’ or ‘Partner’. 

Things That Prove Gurnam Bhullar Can Be An Awesome Husband Material

Gurnam Is Cute 

No, we can’t accept it if someone says that Gurnam isn’t cute. He can, without any doubt, be called as a perfect example of a cute guy. Everytime he smiles, he makes girls fall for him even harder and we do agree to this too. 


His Supportive Nature As In ‘Surkhi Bindi’ 

The necessary thing that a partner should have is a Supportive nature towards his loved one. Supporting his partner in every decision she tries to make is something best a man can do and Gurnam has been exactly shown this side in the movie Surkhi Bindi. Gurnam’s character as Sukha and his characteristics are exactly what a husband should be filled in with. 


He Would Buy Diamond’s Jhanjhar For You 

This is surely unforgettable and hard to not believe that a guy like Gurnam won’t buy a pair of Jhanjhar’an for you. And not just some casual anklets he has surely planned to get ‘Diamond Di Jhanjhar’ for his beloved one. 

Would Sing For You Anytime You Wish To Hear Something 

A singer, an amazing singer, is what Gurnam Bhullar is. He might make you feel happy, joyous, might even console you or make you laugh when you are in a sad mood by his perfect voice and singing quality. We are sure no one would ever regret marrying him. 


Like Husband Like Wife

Gurnam once shared in an interview that as he is a hard working guy, he wishes to see her partner be the same. And that she should stand on her feets all by herself and would do everything possible to make something happen that she has been working on. For this, Gurnam would even definitely support his partner, and girls you have got a chance to go on the way to impress Gurnam. 


Gurnam Bhullar would be a superb husband, is undoubtedly proven by these subtle 5 points. Read them once more if you still have a doubt in your mind.

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