5 Unforgettable Moments From Sardar Udham Film That Made Us Emotional

The film ‘Sardar Udham’ by director Shoojit Sircar with Vicky Kaushal playing the lead took over the country like a storm when it was released. The audience hailed the excellent direction, cinematography that gave glimpses of a grand Hollywood film, brilliant acting performances and most of all, historical accuracy of the film. The cinematic excellence of the film even took it to the race of Oscars 2021, from which it exited with a controversial reason.

It might have not got the chance to become India’s representative at the Oscars 2021 but the impact that the film left on the hearts of the audience, the life that it gave to the greatest revolutionary made it the perfect tribute for the brave Shaheed Udham Singh. We bring you 5 scenes from the movie, that are enough for the non-watchers to realize what they are missing.

1. Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

Hands down one of the best cinematic representations of the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre in history! It was this scene that made us cry, that made us realize the absolute terror, that those 1,650 rounds fired by Dyer’s men, might have caused to the people of the country.

Right from the scene when the first bullet lands on an innocent civilian’s body, to the moment when Udham Singh and others are looking for one single sign of life in the Bagh-turned-cemetery with hundreds of dead people lying around, this scene made the movie a true tribute to the great revolutionary!

2. Sardar Udham Singh Hanging Scene

The moment that ended the life of one revolutionary but inspired millions of other Indians to follow the footsteps of Shaheed Udham Singh and fight for the freedom of India. If you shed a tear on this scene, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The background score, the flashbacks in Sardar Udham Singh’s mind, the calmness, the intense quietness in the noise makes it one of the most beautiful scenes from the film. To make it even more beautiful, Sardar Udham has Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s picture in his hands even when he’s no more, this scene is pure chills!

3. Udham Singh & Bhagat Singh

Two of the greatest revolutionaries in history! The scene when Sardar Udham Singh is taking his last breath and remembers the golden moments he spent with his teacher, his inspiration, his brother, Sardar Bhagat Singh.

The two like-minded greats, running between the green fields, embedding their names in the history, this scene is another reason why Sardar Udham is one of the bests in Indian Cinema.

4. ‘Tell People I Was A Revolutionary’

This was undoubtedly the best line in the whole film, and considering the dialogue writing of the film, it’s a big thing to say. The film was filled with remarkable dialogues and heavy single-liners but this was the single best from the film.

After narrating the story of his life, the hardship that every Indian under the British rule was going through, Sardar Udham is asked what was his last wish. “Tell People I Was A Revolutionary” was all that Sardar Udham Singh wanted after his physical presence in the world would fade, knowing that his legacy would never.

5. “Phir Sab Apne Hogye”

Another dialogue from the film that proves why the dialogue writer of Sardar Udham deserves a solo oscar. During the last moments of his life, when Sardar Udham narrates the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre scenes to the jailor, he mentions Reshma, the love of his life.

Reshma was one of the sufferers of the Jallianwala Bagh incident and gave her life there. Udham Singh reaches the ground and starts looking for Reshma, but goes on to save many others.

This makes him realize how there was no distinction for him between Reshma and the other survivors. This was what made him a revolutionary, a mind that we cannot imagine, a mind that brought India freedom. “Pehle ek bas wo apni thi, phir sab apne hogye”.

These are the 5 best handpicked scenes from one of the best movies of 2021, and probably Hindi Cinema history. People who’ve not yet watched the film, what are you waiting for?

These 5 scenes give you all the reasons to fetch a few hours from your busy schedule and dedicate yourself to this film. Don’t judge it, just live the legacy of the great Sardar Udham Singh!

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