6 Indian Web Series On Netflix That You Should Not Watch With Your Parents

There will undoubtedly be instances when you are chilling with your family while watching a series or a movie on Netflix. However, the thought may skip from your mind that producers and directors have been granted creative freedom without their content receiving an A rating due to the leniency of the censorship board for web content.

So, even though these shows have a 16+ rating from Netflix, you might want to avoid them if you want to binge-watch something during your “family time.” As some shows on Netflix can be tricky. So, here we are, your helping hand. We curated the list of shows you should never watch with your parents. 

6 Netflix Indian TV Shows To Avoid During Family Time

1.  She 

Source: Netflix

Aditi Pohankar and Vijay Varma play the lead roles in the gripping crime drama series She, which also features a cast of outstanding supporting characters. In the former, a police officer must go undercover as a prost*tute to bring down one of the city’s most powerful criminals. Unfortunately, the series also contains a lot of scenes that are considered NSFW as part of the undercover mission.

2. Jamtara – Sabka Number Aaayega

Source: IMDB

Jamtara – Sabka Number Aayega is not only one of the best documentaries on money scams but also one of those shows that primarily use excessive foul language. Even though Indian shows on Netflix typically contain a few abuses, this one has far too many. It also reveals one of India’s deadliest scams, which continues to exist, making it an engaging watch. However, we cannot risk the abusive language part, making it another series you should not watch with your parents.

3. Little Things

Source: Netflix

The show Little Things, first directed by Dice Media and now part of the Indian shows on Netflix, has been running for as long as we can remember. The show has had three seasons in the last four years and has connected with viewers each time. However, the show is not only a romance drama for teenagers, but it also has some dark comedy, a lot of intimacy, and beliefs and practices that your parents might not agree with. Therefore, avoid it at all costs.

4. Lust Stories

Source: Outlook India

Lust Stories is a collection of four stories about modern relationships. The stories have very different shades of lust, but all of them share the theme of female desire as it tries to break free of morality, patriarchy, and class. Due to some explicit scenes, watching with family might get very awkward, so better avoid one.

5. Guilty

Source: Scroll.in

In Guilty, a young woman from a small town files a s*xual assault complaint against her college crush. The intricate plot alternates between the current investigation conducted by Danish Ali Baig, played by Taher Shabbir, and the events that took place on the night of the incident. Danish realizes there is more to this r@pe story, despite his desire to gather all relevant information for his client VJ’s defense. However, some intimate scenes in the movie might put parents off.

6. Sacred Games

Source: IMDB

When police officer Sartaj Singh receives an anonymous tip about the location of criminal lord Ganesh Gaitonde, he begins a dangerous cat-and-mouse game around Mumbai. The signs of a corrupt underworld emerge amid the chaos. The harsh language and nud*ty content makes it not a good watch during family movie time.

While these shows might be engaging and intriguing for certain crowds, practicing discretion while picking what to watch with your parents is vital. At last, it depends on each person to conclude what content they feel happy with watching and to impart transparently and sincerely with their family about their preferences and limits.

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