90’s Punjabi wedding song playlist! Old is gold.

We all have been dreaming about our wedding scenes since childhood. We all have got some expectations, which are to be complemented with super amazing music. But, when it comes to a Punjabi wedding, it needs to stand out, so that it can be the talk of the town. And that requires strong music because no Punjabi Wedding is ever completed without people dancing like crazy. Here is the perfect wedding playlist, you require that makes sure you don’t ignore the demand of any family & friends.

Ardaas Karaan:

Starting with a soothing religious song is a must. After all, you really need the blessings of the almighty.

And for this, Nachhattar Gill’s Ardaas Karaan is your go-to song.  

Tunuk Tunuk Tun:


Daler Mehandi’ s songs are a must to warm up the aura of your wedding. His songs are so energetic & powerful, that nobody from children to aged people can ever resist following up the beats. 

Sun Ni Kudiye Boli Pavaan:


Jazzy B’s song is required to heat up the nostalgia among the guests. Such songs from our old playlist are evergreen.


This Bhupinder Gill & Miss Neelam’s old song is a must for Jija-Saali duo. A wedding is considered incomplete without a Jija-Saali fun taunt.

Sir Te Peg Rakh Nachna:

No Punjabi Wedding is complete without a dance performance of the men enjoying drinks & music together.

Teri Baanh Phadni:

A sizzler is tempting, for a meal and for the dance floor too. This superhit Babbu Maan’s track is going to fire up your floor. Also, Babbu Maan songs are really must in a Punjabi Wedding.

Pehle Lalkaare Naal:

How can one ignore Chamkila when all its bout perfect wedding songs. Chamkila has always made us all forget everything except dancing.

Chittey Suit Te:

We still remember this popular track at every wedding we used to visit with our parents. Don’t we? Even today song sounds so good, that you can definitely groove on this.

Ishq Tera Tadpawe:

Sukhbir’s Ishq Tera Tadpawe can never be outdated. Yes, people loved dancing on this song, but what they loved more was shouting Oh Ho Ho Ho! Ho-ho!

Rail Gaddi Aayi:

More than anyone, we kids used to enjoy this song at weddings. Everyone used to stand before fore one, and it was a beautiful feeling of having fun in unity.

De De Gehra:

You might have forgotten this song, but reading its name here in the list must have definitely refreshed all your memories. This is a song, one can never forget.

Dhol Jageeron Da:

Dhol Jageeron Da was a song, everybody used to request on Dj again n again. After all, it is really a song, which is one of its kind.

Dil Laegyi Kudi Gujarat Di: 

This song was always in demand and superhit in wedding parties. We with our friends used to shout loud and dance like nobody’s watching.

Tappe & Boliyan:

Songs will come and go, but the trend and level of Boliyan & Tappe in Punjabi Wedding is unbeatable. You may play multiple such tracks, but Boli & Tappe live is something that brings liveliness to the weddings.

These songs must have hit your nostalgia & would help to enhance the vibe of your wedding too

You can share this playlist with your parents and family, they may still love it.

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