Did Asim Riaz Just Reply To Bohemia In His Song? Here’s Everything About The Controversy

Bohemia is simply one of the most respected artists in the Punjabi Music Industry. We have hardly heard of him being involved in a controversy but recently, his name is being connected to Bigg Boss fame Asim Riaz. Fans are speculating that the two are currently indulged in a controversy.

Recently, Bohemia and Asim Riaz both unfollowed each other on Instagram. Fans sensed something was not right between the two artists. During his time at Bigg Boss house, Asim had openly admitted his love and respect for Bohemia and also given us a hint about the upcoming rapper in him.

In May, 2021, Asim Riaz released his debut hip-hop track ‘Bact to start’. And after a month , Bohemia and Sidhu Moosewala’s collaborative track ‘These Days’ was released. 

“Munde Style Mera Steal Karan

Jadon Deal Karaan Kivein Taras Karaan

Main Pehlan Note Ginna Phir Verse Karaan”

Fans speculate that these lines from Bohemia’s verse in the song are directed towards Asim Riaz. The timing of the release of These Days, just a month after Asim’s track’, made the fans believe that it was for Asim.

And seemingly in its reply, Asim Riaz released his revert track, Raaz. Penned down and sung by Asim Riaz himself, the song is produced by Roach Killa. While the whole song is based around trust issues and related issues of betrayal, the last stanza is what grabs our attention.

“Bikhar Gaya Hai Taaj

Ab Tukdo Pe Kya Naaz

Gir Chuka Hai Khuda Ki Rehmat Se Tu Aaj

Main Hun Naya Aghaaz

Tujh Ko Pta Ye Raaz

Gaane Ka Woh Pehla Video Call

Tera Hi Aaya Mere Paas”

This is the stanza that has created havoc among Asim Riaz and Bohemia fans. The fans speculate that this is a reply from Asim’s side to Bohemia for his verse in ‘These Days’ as mentioned earlier. While all of it remains an unconfirmed fan theory as of now, reality can only be known when the stars decide to spill some beans regarding the topic.

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