15 Best Supporting Characters In Punjabi Movies That Were Beyond Perfection

The side characters in the movies sometimes become so memorable and iconic that they leave behind the lead actors of the particular film. Every time a movie gets named and remembered, those characters strike our mind all of a sudden. 

We all need to agree with the fact that additional roles and characters in the movie are the supporting system of the films and they give life to the scenes and the entire movie. Many of the Punjabi characters like ‘Advocate Dhillon’ are some of the most iconic yet realistic characters that cannot be forgotten at any cost. 

Just to your recollection here we have collected a few of the names of the supporting characters of the Punjabi actors that are sure to be on your list when talked about the best of all. 

Best Supporting Characters Of Punjabi Movies

Rana Ranbir as Shampy (Jatt and Juliet)

Do you still remember ‘Shampy Di Daddi’ from Jatt & Juliet 1,2? Why should it be even asked? Of course, everyone does remember it and why not, afterall it is one the best performances of Rana Ranbir in his overall acting career. Shampy’s character has been amazingly performed by Rana Ranbir in both the parts of Jatt & Juliet which even surpassed the roles of other actors in the movie somehow. 

Jaswinder Bhalla as Advocate Dhillon (Carry On Jatta) 

Are you aware of the answer to ‘Advocate Dhillon Ne Kaala Coat Kyon Paaya?’If yes, then you should be considered as the absolute fan of Punjabi cinema. Jaswinder Bhalla played a constant role of Advocate Dhillon in the movies Carry On Jatta and Carry On Jatta 2 which made both of these movies go more popular. Jaswinder Bhalla has served an amazing tenure of him in the acting industry and this was one of his most loved characters. 

Nirmal Rishi as Dilip Kaur (Nikka Zaildar) 

Whether Nikka Zaildar would be known for the amazing acting of Ammy Virk, the story or not, it will always be remembered for the stupendous role that veteran actor Nirmal Rishi has performed. The character of Nirmal Rishi is the depiction of a super strict grandmother in most of the households which controls the entire home and its members and this was the reason why everyone loved the character of her in the movie and it is still fresh in our minds whenever we talk about the legendary actress. 

Rana Ranbir as Lottery (Ardaas)

Have you ever seen a postman as amazing as Lottery ever? Well, Rana Ranbir in Ardaas got everyone surprised with his amazing character he played in the movie and the perfection his role carries is above par. The kind and sweet postman who becomes the support system of an orphan little girl carries our hearts away. 

Yograj Singh as Najjar Singh (Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo) 

The epitome of strictness is what a perfect phrase for Najjar Singh in the superhit movie Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo. Yograj Singh always appears in the different characters in every movie and most of the time in a strict kind of a role. This film was also no different but it got amazing because of his strong character in the movie as his role was a static one with disciplined principles residing in him. 

Anita Devgn as Chhaparo (Rabb Da Radio)

A villain character who got all the limelight for her super amazing performance in Rabb Da Radio is none other than Anita Devgn as Chhaparo. She is always known for her comical yet hilarious characters in the movies but it was different. Rabb Da Radio showed us a whole new Anita Devgn who is a totally clever lady in an Indian household who doesn’t want anything to go on the right track but later she turns exactly opposite as she gets some people to see in her life who make her different from what she was. 

Binnu Dhillon as Taaji (Channo Kamli Yaar Di)

A boy has feelings for his friend and she gets married to somebody else, but the love still remains alive. This was the story of Taaji in Channo Kamli Yaar Di. Binnu Dhillon, who has played as Taaji, is in love with Channo but he still helps his pregnant friend to find her husband. This is what we can say is the perfect example of selfless and unconditional friendship. Taaji was one of the finest roles that Binnu Dhillon has portrayed. 

Amrinder Gill as Bhola (Golak Bugni Bank Te Batua) 

However, Harish Verma and Simi Chahal were the lead roles in the movie but Amrinder Gill was the one who got the audience’s eyes upon him. Amrinder Gill has performed the character of an innocent guy (Bhola) who is helpful and very kind to everybody. The cute love story of Bhola and Shindi is still unforgettable and we are sure you also cherish the little amazing moments of the actor in the film. 

Akram Udas as Boota Khan (Chal Mera Putt)

Fer Kehnde Boota Gaalan Kadd Da Ae! This is the single dialogue that pops up in our mind whenever Chal Mera Putt is mentioned. The marvellous performance of Akram Udas as Boota is one of the most celebrated supporting characters in any Punjabi film. The perfection this actor has in his expressions and dialogue delivery is just awesome. 

Kirron Kher as Satwant Kaur (Punjab 1984) 

The supporting actor list and Kirron Kher out of it? Impossible. Not an actual supporting character of Punjab 1984 but a lead one who has been a constant support to Shiva throughout the movie. The mother-son struggle during the 1984 riots and their cute little story is everything to watch out for. Kirron Kher as Satwant Kaur in this movie has got her name inked as one of the best and realistic roles in any Punjabi movie so far. 

Karamjit Anmol as Sadhu Halwai  (Manje Bistre) 

Can we ever doubt the acts and super performances of Karamjit Anmol? Never! Karamjit Anmol has played a very special role in the movies Manje Bistre and Manje Bistre 2. Where he plays the role of Sadhu Halwai and is a very humorous yet intelligent character in the movie. His famous and very well-known dialogue from the movie is Tenu Pata Nahi Enna Gallan Da, Tu Ohdo Niyaana Si! which is still used by people randomly during conversations.

Jagjeet Sandhu as Tarsem (Sufna) 

The lead characters of this superhit movie are unforgettable surely but the amount of efforts the side characters have made in it is also commendable. Jagjeet Sandhu, as usual, a comical character in this movie brought a comical life in it. Tarsem is a bubbly and super humorous guy who is always supportive towards his friends and when gets married shows his other colours of comedy. 

Rabab Kaur as Young Teg (Sufna) 

The young depiction of Tania (Teg) in the movie, Sufna was performed by Rabab Kaur. The clarity and quality this little girl has shown in her act is tremendous. Rabab has performed the child version of Teg which shows the entire story of her childhood and her parents. The attire of the little girl, her act, her real expressions and everything she has put into her role is beyond excellence, an absolute applause for this character of hers. 

Rupinder Rupi as Singh Kaur (Asees)

Not a movie with A-lister actors in it but still a superhit, it is because of the marvellous acts of Rupinder Rupi and Rana Ranbir who have given life to the movie with their amazing roles. Rupinder Rupi has portrayed the role of Singh Kaur who is a responsible mother who has full faith in her son and lets him go by what he wants without listening to the outer world. We would definitely say that this was one of the best roles of Rupinder Rupi in any film. 

Karamjit Anmol as Tony (Carry On Jatta 2) 

Jijjjjuuuu! Karamjit Anmol in a movie and it is not remembered? No way, Karamjit Anmol performed the role of Advocate Dhillon’s brother-in-law in the sequel of Carry On Jatta and had everybody’s sight on him. His awesome role as Tony who always becomes the victim of Dhillon’s curses and in return always doubts his brother-in-law is wholesome in the movie to watch. 

We are very thankful to these amazing actors for their par excellent performances and characters they have portrayed in the films to make the audience entertain. We will always remember the amount of hard work they always put in every role they portray. We wish to see more of them in the upcoming movies. 

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