“Bhookha Saand” To “Second Wife’s Restaurant”: Restaurants With Hilarious Names on Zomato!

Twitter user Akhil Sood, found some odd and funny restaurant names while randomly scrolling through the well-known meal delivery service Zomato. As shared by him, a restaurant called “Dumb Biryani” is on the top of his list, followed by “Second Wife’s restaurant,” which serves Chinese and North Indian food. 

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As soon as the tweets went viral, netizens also started posting their replies! A user named Mithila Phadke says:

Later, Akhil found two more restaurants with unique and hilarious names, “Bhukha Sher” and “Bhookha Saand,” both famous for North Indian food and Biryani! It also seems that being a social media person, Akhil knows well about the content which can go viral. 

However, as expected, Akhil’s tweets went rapidly viral. The tweet was shared on December 16, which received more than 400 likes and numerous retweets till date! While some are shocked to know about such hilarious and weird names, many claim that they aren’t surprised!

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