Carry On Jatta 2 completes 2 years! Here are some interesting facts.

Carry on Jatta is a name that needs no introduction. Both of its parts were very so interesting and super entertaining that even we are writing this story with a huge smile on our face. Starting with the very good news that today Carry on Jatta 2 has completed its 2 years of entertaining people and being their favorite. The charm of this film was so influencing that its no fan can get over this. So, we believe this is the perfect day to remember the memories of the film by sharing a few off-screen fun stories of the film with you all.

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Starring Gippy Grewal, Sonam Bajwa, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Binu Dhillon, Jaswinder Bhalla, and many other superb artists, this film is remembered for its humor, super funny punches, and comic scenes. One of such very popular and entertaining scenes was Harby Sanjha was beating the legs of Binu Dhillon with a stick to cure his legs. For this scene, a fake stick was made with soft stuff so that it does not hurt Binu in real. But while shooting, Harby was so much into the character that it was realized after the completion of the scene that it was hitting Binnu’s legs really hard.

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We are sure you must have heard of tea breaks, lunch breaks and even some more kind of breaks too. but have you ever come across something like laughter break? Director of the film, Sameep Kang told us that this was his only film in which he had to provide the team with laughter breaks. The script of the film was so funny that everyone was laughing in every 8-10 minutes. That’s why he had to stop the shoot many times to provide laughter break for all. 

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We really hope you remember the scene where Binu Dhillon dances in a female get up. This scene was really very entertaining, but before Binu Dhillon, this scene was shot with Gurpreet Ghuggi. Later, Gurpreet suggested the director that this shot would work much better if shot with Binu. Director agreed with him, and hence, the scene was re-shot with Binu, which people really loved. By the way, we really feel what would the scene look like with Gurpreet Ghuggi in it.

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Recognition and appreciation are two things everyone loves to receive. Director Sameep Kang was also recognized by public during the shoot of a sequence. The chase scene of Carry o Jatta was already popular, and when similar sequence was being shot in public at real location to make it look more realistic, people started to recognize him and asking him, if he is shooting for Carry on Jatta? This made him surprised but even more emotional.

There are always memories connected with our favorites. Just like us, this film is special for its team as well. We hope you find these facts as interesting as the film was. we congratulate the team of Carry on Jatta 2 for completing its 2 years in the industry and also, we hope they keep on entertaining us with more projects just like this.

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