Commonwealth Games 2022, How Did India Do?

Every four years, athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations participate in the Commonwealth Games. Lots of people throughout the world follow this significant sporting event. Some even place bets on the success of countries and athletes. If you’re more into online gaming than outdoor sports, check out the pragmatic slots list and find some top slots to play.

General Performance in the Commonwealth

The most recent Commonwealth Games took place in Birmingham from 28 July to 8 August. It was the largest one yet, with a total of 72 nations taking part. For the first time in its history, there were more events for women than for men. Another first was the fact that the para competition for disabled athletes took place at the same time.

Major sports represented included badminton, squash, wrestling, cycling, netball, gymnastics and beach volleyball. Australia was the most prosperous country in terms of medal ranking, and the overall number of medals won. The country secured 67 golds and 178 medals in total.

Highlights of India’s Performance

India did well in the most recent Commonwealth Games, ranking fourth overall. After the games, the country came out the highest in four sports: badminton, table tennis, weightlifting and wrestling. India’s been very successful in the past, so expectations were high, leading to predictions of a top-five finish. Cricket and hockey are some of India’s biggest sports, so it was likely that the country would excel in these two sports, if not more. Though they didn’t rank first in either of these, it still fared well. For hockey, men earned silver and women bronze; for cricket, women won silver.

India’s Medals

India’s athletes collectively won 22 golds, 16 silvers and 23 bronzes, giving the country a total of 61 medals. It was the sixteenth time the country competed in the Commonwealth Games. India sent 106 male athletes and 104 females to compete in sixteen different sports.

Across India’s sixteen entries, this most recent one was the fifth most successful in terms of medal count. The country’s most successful year was 2010 when the games were held, coincidentally, in New Delhi. That year, the country scooped an impressive 101 medals and came second overall.


India’s performance in the 2022 Commonwealth Games was impressive. Ranking first in four sports is undoubtedly a commendable feat. The country may not have had its best-ever performance, but it’s still managed to rake in plenty of medals. Here’s hoping it can build on its recent successes in future iterations of the Commonwealth Games.

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