Diljit Dosanjh Rolex Watch Price Make You Laugh At Your Bank Account Balance

Diljit Dosanjh Rolex Watch Price Make You Laugh At Your Bank Account Balance

Punjabi singer turned actor Diljit Dosanjh not only proved his singing and acting skills but also made many fashionable statements. The Punjabi superstar has a soft corner for all expensive things. From the label Balenciaga, Prada to Gucci, Diljit has all the leading brands in his wardrobe, and always makes for a quirky fashion statement.

His trendy statement pieces include baggy jackets, chunky pairs of sneakers, and his unique quirky choice of accessories. And today we bought the same thing for you. Recently PBFits page of Instagram had revealed the price of one of his outfits. 

In the post, Diljit is seen wearing a Bottega Veneta green padded jacket which costs Rs 1,64,925 paired with white Amiri logo star tee which costs Rs 43,435. Diljit loves trendy sneakers and with  this outfit, he chooses Gucci rhyton sneakers which cost Rs 65,656.

Now, the show stealer is the actor’s wrist watch which will definitely make you laugh at your bank account balance. His Rolex watch costs a whopping Rs 14,00,000. The total cost of the outfit is Rs 16,74,061.

Take a look at the outfit:


Talking about the PB Fits, the Instagram page usually comes up with the details of the outfits of various Punjabi artists. Have a look at their profile and enjoy knowing more about your favourite celeb’s outfits.

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