Do You Know About This Unknown Relationship Of Salman Khan With Afghanistan

Do You Know About This Unknown Relationship Of Salman Khan With Afghanistan

Afghanistan is the most heated topic of news right now. The country is making headlines due to the unfortunate events taking place in the country because of the Taliban takeover. The militant group Taliban has taken control of the country after the President, Ashraf Ghani, flew away. Heart-wrenching scenes of people thriving to escape from the country, especially at the Kabul Airport, are coming out everyday.

India has always been an ally of Afghanistan. Even in these hard times, it is India who is helping innocent Afghan people by airlifting them from Kabul and bringing them safely to Delhi. Bollywood, the Indian Hindi film industry, has also had close relations with Afghanistan. The industry has made many Afghan-thematic films and many major films have been shot in Afghanistan.

One of the biggest names in Bollywood is Salman Khan who is one of the most commercially successful Indian actors worldwide, also has a fair fan base in Afghanistan. Do you know that the ‘Bhaijaan’ of Bollywood has very close relations to Afghanistan?

Actually, Salman Khan is an Afghan descendant. His ancestors were from Afghanistan. His great-grandfather ran away from Afghanistan and came to Bhopal. King Holkar of Indore accepted Salman’s ancestors. Salman Khan’s grandfather has also remained Deputy Commissioner of Indore during his times. In other words, Salman’s ancestors were actually Pashtuns. 

The conditions in Afghanistan are not at their best. The world is praying for the welfare of the people staying in the country, especially the women after heartbreaking scenes from the region started coming out. Though there are political progressions taking place in the country and Taliban is in talks with political parties and organizations, Afghanistan’s future remains unpredictable. 

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