From Gurpreet Bhangu To Sunita Dhir: 6 Types Of Mothers-In-Law In Punjabi Movies

When we are getting married, our major concern is about our in-laws. How would they treat us? Whether they will accept us and many other queries. These questions leave you in panic as you tackle your newlywed life with a new family. If you are a woman, you are likely to be concerned about your mother-in-law. Getting along with your Mother-in-law is an important aspect of any marriage. Some of us hit the jackpot, while others? Well, not so much.

And if you are a true cinephile, you must have noticed different types of mothers-in-law in the Punjabi movies. Some will give you major goals while others would want you to pray for your life. Here we have a list of different kinds of Sass (Mother-in-law), see if any one of them you can recognise in your family and relatives. 

Here’s The List Of Different Kinds Of Mother-In-Laws In Punjabi Films

Anita Devgan in Rabb Da Radio – Cunning

Not all Mothers-in-law in the world believe in showing off love for their Daughter-in-law. Some of them are like Anita Devgan’s character in Rabb Da Radio. She was very strict towards her daughter-in-law (Mandy Takhar) and kept her son under her control. She even kicked out Mandy from the house and tortured her a lot. 

Daljit Kaur in Singh Vs Kaur – Caring 

Daljit Kaur who portrayed the role of Nihal’s (Gippy Grewal) mother was a widow who lost her husband when Nihal was only a few years old. Nihal went abroad and then brought Surveen Chawla to India for her safety. During that time people thought that she was Nihal’s wife. Nihal’s mother was so caring towards Surveen and immediately got attached to her. She never burdened her with house chores and always treated her very kindly.

Sunita Dhir in Rabb Da Radio 2 – Emotional 

Sunita Dhir plays an emotional character in the film. She treats her daughter-in-law (Simi Chahal) like her own child. Like her, many mothers-in-law are emotional and get easily attached to the new member of the family. People of her village taunt her daughter-in-law as she came from a poor background but Sunita Dhir always supported her.

Nirmal Rishi in Love Punjab – Loving

There are many times we saw Nirmal Rishi in a reckless Avatar but in the film Love Punjab, we saw the actress as a quiet and loving mother and an equally calm mother-in-law. She treats Sargun Mehta with a lot of care and love. The role of Nirmal Rishi really won our hearts and gives hope to all the bride-to-be that mothers-in-law can be sweet.  

Gurpreet Bhangu in Ardaas – Evil

Gurpreet Bhangu’s character gives you chills. She is the evil Sass who always scares you and makes you want to remain bachelor. She demands a boy from Baani (Meher Vij) and tortures her daughter in law due to this. But due to some circumstances, the daughter in law dies and Gurpreet Ghuggi is left with never-ending lifelong sorrow, grief and regret. Gurpreet Bhangu is the only reason one cannot think of getting married. 

Navneet Nishan in Ardab Mutiyaran – Modern

Gone are the days, when mothers-in-law were supposed to be simple and sober. Nowadays we see mothers-in-law who are up to mark and set trends with their classy looks. Do you remember Navneet Nishan from Ardab Mutiyaran? She is the role model for all the modern and classic mothers-in-law out there. 

So, do you find any of such Sass around you? Be it cunning, selfish or caring, you will find every character in some woman or the other. And we are lucky enough that our Punjabi cinema is always exploring new characters and bringing us fresh concepts. 

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