Google to Update its Shocking Content Policy, Gameplay Imagery To Be An Exception

Google is now updating its Shocking Content Policy. The new policy is set to be implemented from 30 August 2023. The new policy will bring an exception for gameplay imagery.

Under this new update, Google will no longer consider content that depicts violence in the context of gameplay, as ‘shocking’. The update is focussed towards providing more liberty to the publishers that create content which includes gameplay imagery.

However, the gameplay imagery containing acts of t*rture, s*xual violence, violence against minors, violence against prominent real-name persons, or violence against an individual or group on the basis of a characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization, will still be considered as ‘shocking’.

Publishers whose sites or apps were previously restricted due to the Shocking Content that no longer qualifies as Shocking Content can request a review or appeal after 30 August 2023 with the implementation of the new Policy.

The notification has been sent by Google to all the Adsense publishers and AdManager publishers around the globe via an email.

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