Gxrnoor Releases Her 2nd Banger Single ‘Journey’; Track Symbolises The Journey Of A Successful Artist

In the era of upcoming New musical artists, Gurnoor Anand aka Gxrnoor has always stunned her fans with her Banger tracks. Gxrnoor Debuted in the Punjabi musical industry with her track ‘Relive’ for which she even made it to the covers of Spotify’s Fresh Finds Playlist. 

Relive was released a month ago and it currently has 13 lakh views on Youtube. 

Her musical style is inspired from international pop, R&B, and hip-hop beats, infused with her  distincyive Indian vocals.

Now, the artist is back with another banger track ‘Journey’ which symbolizes the actual journey of an artist and how the artist reaches the path of success. 


Gxrnoor released her superhit track ‘Journey’ on 26 April 2024. The track has already attracted around 3 lakh views within just three days of its release. 

‘Journey’ is a powerful track that shows how someone who is fully aware of their partner’s actions but chooses to turn a blind eye due to their strong love for them. 

The song, set on a drill beat, reflects the essence of female hip hop and delivers a sassy and playful warning to their partner. The artist lets the audience know that she is aware of his  actions and while she loves him, he needs to correct his ways. 

In the music video, we see the journey of an artist as they go through the process of creating their music, from recordings to photoshoots and beyond. 

This is where the  song gets its name from, as it symbolizes the artist’s journey towards self-growth and success, despite knowing everything their partner is doing. 

This sends an empowering  message to all the people out there that love is beautiful but should not consume you, and it is essential to prioritize your own happiness and well-being as well, to create a  good balance in a relationship. 

The drill beat adds to the intensity of the song, making it an anthem for all the strong and confident people out there who are determined to focus on their own journey and stay true to themselves, while at the same time loving their partner unconditionally. 

In a world where love can often be portrayed as consuming and toxic, ‘Journey’ breaks away from that narrative and encourages people to find a balance between love and personal growth, and to not lose themselves in the process of loving someone else.

This track is a reminder to always focus on your own journey while navigating through love, because self-love and individual growth is just as important in a relationship.


GXRNOOR discovered her deep passion and aptitude for music at the mere age of 12. Gradually, Gurnoor began creating and writIng her own lyrical compositions, honing her skills in composing, producing beats, singing, and instrument playing. 

Additionally, GXRNOOR started her musical education during her AME at college in London, expanding her knowledge and technical abilities. As she progressed in her journey, Gurnoor felt a natural inclination towards pursuing a diverse and versatile path as an independent artist. 

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