Jagdeep Sidhu Hints At Probable Collaboration With Jordan Sandhu. Shares Heart-Winning Note

Jagdeep Sidhu is popular for his amazing writing and execution skills. Before ‘Qismat’ people only praised his words, and after ‘Qismat’, ‘Guddiyan Patole’, ‘Shadaa’, his talent for fusing real-life into the reel made him garner appreciation. 

Not only this, but he is also known for giving opportunities to fresh talents, be it off the camera or on-screen. And once again he won our hearts. The writer-director shared the recently released song of Jordan Sandhu ‘Ford Baapu Da’ on his Instagram story and what he wrote has just taken up with joy.

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Jagdeep wrote, ‘Assi sare ronde rehne aa saadi industry ch hero bhut thode aa..maadi g nega ess munde wal maro..ni fer main taan kr hi lena kuchh na kuchh’. The artist dropped hints for collaborating with Jordan Sandhu in future.

Though he did not confirm, how he expresses Jordan’s talent is incredible. Jordan Sandhu has emerged as a promising talent who has now made his place strong in the Punjabi music industry. He made his acting debut with the film ‘Subedar Joginder Singh’. After that the singer-actor delivered amazing content with films like Kala Shah Kala, Kaake Da Vyah, Gidarh Singhi and many more to his bag. 

And if Jordan and Jagdeep are joining hands together in future, then both the talented stars will create something massive. We hope to see both talent-powerhouses working together on a film soon!

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