Show Proof Or …: Youtuber Karan Dutta Warns Kulhad Pizza Couple Of Legal Action

Show Proof Or ...: Youtuber Karan Dutta Warns Kulhad Pizza Couple Of Legal Action

The Kulhad Pizza shop owner Sehaj Arora, and her spouse have been facing controversy following the emergence of a ‘private video’.  

After the video went viral, Sehaj Arora made a video requesting people to stop the spread of their alleged private video. Sehaj in a recent post on instagram again appealed the public and media to support him and stop the spread of video. He stated that he is being forced through political pressure for settlement of the case.

Amid all this a new controversy has taken place as in the previous video Sehaj Arora directly accused the famous Youtuber Karan Dutta and said he is responsible for the Viral Video. Sehaj blamed Karan Dutta as the mastermind behind all this.

After the allegations, Karan Dutta shared a post on his instagram handle and said, “it’s been four days since Sehaj accused me on Youtube.”

“On newspaper and social media, news is being published that Karan Dutta is involved in the Kulhad pizza private video case. Everybody knows that the truth is I am not involved in this case.”

He further added “I only want one thing that either Sehaj must give Proof of all the allegations that he has stated against me or apologize for doing so in front of everybody on instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Otherwise, after two days I will file a case against them if he doesn’t respond, I don’t care if they don’t have any shame that they are blaming others for their own mistakes.”

Also, Karan Dutta has posted many videos related to the Kulhad Pizza couple within the past few days. And in the recent video he clarified all the controversies that are happening and asked for proof or he will file a complaint against Sehaj for defaming him allegedly. 

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