Lahoriye Completes 4 Years Of Success. Here Is Why We Can Never Forget This Beauty

Lahoriye is one of our personal favorite movies of Punjabi Cinema. This film can never get old enough to be ignored. And we are sure you love the movie too. The movie released on 12th May in 2017, and it not only ruled the box office but has been continuously impressing the fans since then.

Today, the movie has completed it’s four years of success which makes it a day of grand celebration. 

On its four-year anniversary, we are remembering this beauty of Punjabi Cinema which can be watched a million times.

Here are the reasons which made the movie so special and won our hearts. If you haven’t watched the movie already, this article will convince you to watch it now.


We cannot resist talking about the dialogues of the movie. The dialogues of the movie are written by the writer and director Amberdeep Singh and we cannot appreciate him enough for this.

 In fact, there is some super funny and lovely dialogue that revolves around our minds every time we think of this movie.

Trust us when we say if its dialogues alone are enough to make this movie worth watching. 


The beautiful storyline of the movie depicts a love story across the borders. The film’s story will serve you an India-Pakistan love story that has to go through various obstacles and problems. You really need to watch the movie to follow the exciting series of scenes. 

Beautiful Songs

The playlist of Lahoriye is definitely one of the finest playlists ever made for any Punjabi movie. Its songs like Akhar, Chunni, Saah and more have become our favorite and helped us understand love better.

Amrinder Gill

Amrinder Gill is enough reason in himself to make you watch the movie. He has impressed his fans with his innocence and beautiful acting skills in the movie. And his on-screen pair with Sargun Mehta was cherry on the top as well. 


The movie is shot in Abohar and it took a lot of effort and hard work from the team to make the set look perfect and appealing. The plot of the movie is based and shown in Punjab and Lahore. And the locations of the shoot leaves no chances of complaints about the same. 


Lahoriye won almost sixteen awards in different categories. While Amberdeep Singh won awards for best direction and dialogues, Sargun Mehta won awards for best actress, Amrinder Gill won awards for being the best actor and best playback singer.

We are sure these reasons are more than enough to make you realise the beauty of Lahoriye. 

This movie will keep growing old and still remain young and fresh for all of us. Cheers to the kind of evergreen entertainer Lahoriye is. 

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