Layer’s Shot New Ad Promots RAPE! Are You As Disgusted As The Netizens Are?

India indeed is a free country, but it feels like some regulations and boundation on a few things are strictly required. Currently we are talking about the recently released ad of Layer’s Shot. Till now you must have already come across the ad and it’s controversy because it’s really viral on social media. 

The latest ad of Layer’s Shot includes a short conversation between four men. It takes place while the men are out for shopping where a young woman is also standing near them. One of the four guys say ‘Hum Chaar Aur Yeh Sirf Ek!’, another guy adds to it, ‘Toh Shot Kaun Lega?’ (We are four and it’s only one. Who will take the shot?’. 

Hearing this, the girl is surprised and reacts in a similar way. And then it’s revealed that the guys were actually talking about ‘Layer’s Shot perfume’ and not the girl.

The ad is attracting massive criticism and trolling on social media. People are calling out the body spray company for making such disgusting ads and specially promoting rape in this one.

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The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has apparently reacted to it and assured needful action. 

The Information And Broadcast Ministry of India has banned the ad now, and sent an official notice to the business.

Till now (when the article is writing) the company has not made any statement regarding the same. The ad is going viral on social media and the hatred for the same is spreading like a wild fire.

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