10 Things You Must Do To Explore The Best Of Punjab

When it comes to traveling somewhere in India, no matter if the traveler is an Indian or someone across the globe, they surely consider Punjab for a wholesome experience. And if you are someone who’s planning to take your next trip to Punjab and explore it to the fullest, we have prepared an ultimate guide for you. Yes you can use this list as a do to list as well, but ensure you don’t miss to check mark everything in this article before heading back to your homes from Punjab.

This includes everything from a tasty treat for your tummy to cultural visits and something dramatic as well. Hence, at no chance you can miss out on anything from the following, if you truly want to explore the best of Punjab.

10 Things You Must Do While Visiting Punjab

Visit to The Golden Temple, Amritsar

How can this not be in your to-do list? Yes, visiting and taking blessings from the Golden Temple has to be the first thing in your ‘Visit to Punjab Plan’. The holy temple also known as Harmandir Sahib is located in Amritsar. And your visit to Amritsar will not remain a religious one, but turn out to be a feast as Amritsar’s food holds the record of being the best among all that one can try in his lifetime. And coming back to the holy place, there also you’ll be served with Guru da Langar which is not only tasty but prepared with utmost love. 

Enjoy Sarson Da Saag

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Visit to Punjab can never be completed without food. In movies and videos, you must have come across countless references of Sarson Da Saag, Makki Di Roti as the bestest meal for any Punjabi, and this is true. This meal is just not any regular food, it’s a heavenly experience. And don’t even think of trying this outside the boundaries of Punjab, because if you do so, you’ll be left disappointed. 

Buy a Phulkari

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Punjab and Punjabis, both are known for colorful culture and outfits. Mark our words, if you’re visiting Punjab, one thing you must buy is a Phulkari. There can never be better than Phulkari full of colors and patterns. Buy it for yourself, your girlfriend, sister or mother, but do buy it. You can buy some really pretty Phulkaris from the markets of Patiala and Amritsar. 

Visit To Virasat-e-Khalsa

Virasat-e-Khalsa is a Museum of Sikhism situated in Anandpur Sahib. It won’t take you only two or less hours to reach the museum from Chandigarh and it will be worth all the hype. You’ll get to see and witness a lot about Punjab, its people, culture, heritage and more. It celebrates 500 years of the Sikh history and the 300th anniversary of the birth of Khalsa, based on the scriptures written by the tenth and last human Sikh guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

The Authentic Chhole Bhature

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Once again, in our list is another food item which already is the favorite of many. We personally don’t know anyone around us who is not a Chhole Bhature lover. If you love them too, the place to taste the real and authentic Chhole Bhature is none other than the streets of Punjab. And yes, in Punjab, it’s even better than what you get to eat in Delhi. We said what we said. 

Recreate Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam Moment

Remember the ultimate romance between Shahrukh Khan and Kajol in the beautiful yellow fields of sarson? Yes we are talking about the ‘Tujhe Dekha To Yeh Jaana Sanam’ moment from the iconic DDLJ. It’s time to recreate the scene whenever you land in Punjab. Dress up nicely, charge your camera, smartphones, complete your touch up, enter a ‘Sarson Ka Khet’, play music and shoot. 

But don’t forget to seek permission from the field owners in advance, or else we don’t stand responsible. 

Taste The Pure Lassi & Butter

Oh please, don’t even mention that one can easily get butter and lassi anywhere in India. If you like what you get outside the boundaries of Punjab, you’ve probably never had a chance to try the best. When you come to Punjab, take help from some local people and get your hands on the best, tempting and pure Lassi and Makkhan!

Tie a Turban

How can you ignore tying a turban and getting the best pictures clicked for your Instagram profile? After all your Instagram fans need to know that you’re enjoying the best trip of your life in Punjab. Also, it’s be best if you could find someone who’d help you learn to tie a turban on your own. 

Enjoy a Tractor Ride

After recreating a dramatic scene in Bollywood style, is the time to recreate the Punjabi melodrama. Get a lift from a tractor driver, hold your excitement and please let the driver drive only. You can have fun, and enjoy the view from a level up. 

Learn Bhangra

Learn Bhangra! Because this is something you can flaunt when you get back to your home. Your friends and family should know that you’ve learned the dance style that’s not only popular on social media, but looks fascinating as well. 

We can bet you now have a clear idea of ‘what to do’ when you first visit Punjab. And we hope our article and this perfect checklist will help you a lot in making your trip the best memories of your life & Instagram as well. 

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