“Patandra Gay Friend Da Matlab…”: Sharry Mann Replies Back To Garry Sandhu

Sharry Mann and Garry Sandhu have got involved in an online spat over social media and exchanging replies. It all started when Sharry Mann uploaded a story of Garry and Jasmine Sandlas’s old video together. Garry came up with a reply for Sharry and now, Sharry Mann has again hit back with another Instagram story.

Garry Sandhu had captioned a picture with Sharry Mann, “With my gay friend, who just wants to be famous”. To this, Sharry Mann replied in his Instagram story that Gay means that both of us are gay. He even replied to Garry Sandhu’s comment that it was time for the younger generation to take over and their time was gone. Sharry wrote that nobody has supported new talent more than him and everyone knows that.

"Patandra Gay Friend Da Matlab...": Sharry Mann Replies Back To Garry Sandhu

Just when we all thought that Garry Sandhu’s reply was the last, Sharry Mann has come up with this Instagram story. Sharry ended his message by requesting Garry to not take these things too seriously and remember the time they first met at the Sainsbury Birmingham during Sharry Mann’s first ever tour in the UK.

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The fans have been left shocked after seeing the exchange of replies from both sides. Garry Sandhu is yet to come up with a counter-reply to Sharry Mann’s recent story. Will the reply game keep on going?

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