Punjabi Celebrities And Their Look-Alikes Will Blow Your Mind

God has created everything in this world. From a grain of sand to mountains, a drop of water to oceans, Everything! Maybe God consumed too much of his power in creating these wonders of the world, so he decided to cut some slack while creating humans. Instead of constructing a unique facial structure for everybody, he created some faces and copied them upon others. Perhaps, this resulted in the existence of doppelgangers. 

A doppelganger or a lookalike refers to the duplicate of a person. Two people having almost the same face! The idea is so intriguing in itself. But wait, who told you that there is only one doppelganger for everyone here? It is said that there are at least 6 doppelgangers to everybody in this world. So, it is obvious our Punjabi celebrities, too, must have found at least one of their lookalikes in this world. Below is a list, presented to you, of the various probable doppelgangers of your favorite Punjabi celebrities.

10 Famous Punjabi Celebrities And Their Look-Alikes

1. Khan Bhaini

Khan Bhaini is the first Punjabi artist in this list, who is lucky enough to have found his first doppelganger. His lookalike is none other than the young Delhi boy who’s ruling the world cricket at the moment, Rishabh Pant. Rishabh Pant is just a more muscular version of Khan Bhaini. Take a look at this photo :

Look-Alike Person – Profile

2. Guru Randhawa

Guru Randhawa is another Punjabi celebrity who has his doppelganger as a cricketer. It is the fast bowler of the Indian Cricket team, Deepak Chahar, who is the lookalike of Punjabi Singer Guru Randhawa. It feels like there is some link between the sports and the music industry, a couple of Punjabi artists have found their doppelgangers in the national Cricket team. 

Look-Alike Person – Profile

3. Ammy Virk

The next Punjabi artist to have found his doppelganger is none other than Ammy Virk. But this time the doppelganger isn’t any famous cricketer. Preet Lehri is the lookalike of Ammy Virk. Preet is a Punjabi singer who has worked with artists like Soni Maan and Mukhmantri. 

Look-Alike Person – Profile

4. B Praak

The next Punjabi artist in the list is B-Praak. Though it is almost impossible to have the magical voice like the artist, one can at least have a face like him. B-Praak’s doppelganger is D-Praak. Yes! Really, we aren’t joking. The lookalike is probably aware of the fact that he looks like B-Praak. D-Praak’s real name is Damanpreet.

Look-Alike Person – Profile

5. Sidhu Moose Wala

The Moose Wala Jatt has, too, been fortunate enough to find his doppelganger. It feels like the saying that India and Pakistan are twin brothers is true because Sidhu has found his twin in the neighbouring country. The Pakistani Sidhu Moosewala feels more Moosewala than Sidhu himself. 

Look-Alike Person – Profile

6. Karan Aujla

When you talk about Sidhu Moose Wala, you cannot resist talking about Karan Aujla. Another big name in the industry, who has found his doppelganger. Karan Aujla’s doppelganger is Sahil Dhesi. Sahil Dhesi’s video remake of the song “Mexico Koka” by Karan Aujla got very viral on social media. His Karan-Aujla-signature-hairstyle gives another plus point.

Look-Alike Person – Profile

7. Babbu Maan

When Punjabi music industry is being talked about, how can you forget to mention Babbu Maan. The doppelganger of Maan Saab has also been found. This time the lookalike does not only have the face of the artist, but also gives serious Babbu Maan-show vibes when he performs.

Look-Alike Person – Profile

8. Sukh-E

Sukh-E, the multi-talented singer-songwriter and music producer, is the next addition to the list. The Muzical Doctorz artist is also very lucky because his doppelganger is also his die-hard fan. Even the lookalike’s Instagram username is “Fan Sukh-E Da”. Take a look at this photo :

Look-Alike Person – Profile

9. Yo Yo Honey Singh

The hip-hop sensation, the leading rapper of the punjabi music industry, who is also now a prominent face in the Bollywood industry, is not the only face in the world. His doppelganger is Ashish Rajveer Yadav. Ashish even uploaded a post on his instagram calling himself a duplicate of Yo Yo Honey Singh.

Look-Alike Person – Profile

10. Harrdy Sandhu

Harrdy Sandhu is another Punjabi celebrity whose lookalike has been found. The cute Harrdy makes every girl skip a beat whenever he appears on the screen. But not every brown girl in the world can marry him, unfortunately. So here is his doppelganger, for all the hearts that will be broken when Harrdy decides to get married

Look-Alike Person – Profile

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