Top 17 Best Punjabi Video Content Creators On Instagram

Social media is becoming a huge sensation for our youths. It not only delivers us entertainment but also provides a great platform to many talented people. And Instagram is one of them, where netizens never get bored watching memes and reels. These days people are more aware of sarcastic, funny memes and videos. All thanks to our video content creator, who never skips any odds to make our day amusing and entertaining. Also, there are many Punjabi content creators from Punjab as well as from other countries who are popular for their remarkable videos.

List Of Best Punjabi Video Content Creators On Instagram

Sangtar Singh 

Sangtar Singh Sahota, a Punjabi video content creator has verified Instagram account. He never misses the chance to crack upon his fans through his videos. Sahota, a 22 years old content producer lives in Toronto, Canada. He is an actor, director and comedian. Most of his content is based on Punjabi parents. He is circulating the significance of Punjab in Canada through his video, which makes his content unique and beautiful. In his most famous video, he was pretending to be an Indian parent and talking to another Indian parent and they were talking about their kids future.


A well-known social media sensation, Keshav aka Sarcaster is spreading smiles through his funny videos on social media. Keshav belongs to Amritsar, Punjab. A 22 years old Sarcaster produces videos in Hindi as well as in Punjab. His sarcastic videos make his content unusual. Moreover, his comical memes went viral all over social media. The video where he was mocking girls on Instagram reel went viral with 5.1 million views.

Amreen Gill

Bhangra and Gidda expert Amreen Gill aka Bhangralicious is a successful choreographer turned model. Amreeen became famous after launching a platform that intends to teach Punjabi cultural dance forms on her YouTube Channel ‘Bhangralicious’ to both Punjabi and Non-Punjabi people. She started her journey from Vancouver and after getting viral on social media, further, she gets the opportunity to explore other cities of Canada too. She started her channel with the help of her brother Swarandeep Singh, who is also a content creator. She is famous with the ‘Haye Haye Mundeya’. Moreover, Ms. Gill uses ‘Majhi Dialect’ in her funny videos. The video in which she is pretending like an Indian desi mom went viral with 1.2million views.

Swarndeep Gill

Bhangralicious Amreen Gill’s brother Swarndeep Gill has made a great name on social media. He posts dance videos with his sister Amreen. In one of the interviews, Amreen told that her Youtube channel Bhangralicious is a sibling venture as her brother Swarndeep Singh Gill is accountable for most of the BTS, videography and editing. Moreover, like his sister, he also makes videos in ‘Majhi Dialect’. One of his videos went viral where he was pretending like a Punjabi dad who is teaching driving to his kids.

Gagandeep Singh Anand

California-based video creator, Gagandeep Singh Anand started making music videos with his brother. He started producing prank videos, like pranking with his family, especially his mother. Like everyone who posts their videos in Punjabi, Gagan has different content. His videos are mostly in English as his audience is based both in Punjab and Abroad as well. His main motive is to spread smiles and happiness everywhere. Every speck of his video is jovial and filled with cute mommy vibes. This video became the most famous. 

Arsh Braich

A ludhianvi boy Arsh Braich who became a popular singer through social media, especially from Tik Tok. Arsh loves singing and writing songs. He lives in Toronto, Canada and makes funny- mockery videos on Instagram. His debut song ‘Doremon’ was released in 2020. Furthermore, he has a youtube channel named ‘Arsh Braich’. He exposes his Punjabi culture and Sabyachaar in his videos. His video where he is imitating the song ‘Temporary Pyaar’ with his own lyrics got viral. 


Tarapal gained lacs of followers on Instagram through his funny videos which he always makes in his own voice. His real name is Avtar Dhillon. Avatar aka Tarapal is a video content creator. Moreover, if you want to watch an actual punjabiyat video, you can peek into his Instagram account named  ‘Tarapal’. He is not only a comedian but an actor, singer and lyricist as well. His latest song ‘District Bhatinda’ was released in March 2021. He is quite active on social media and posts his day-to-day activities in a very amusing way. The unique things about his videos are that he adds ‘pal’ in many words like ‘manjapal’, ‘jeeripal’, ‘endpal’ etc.

Harsimran Attli

A 22 years old talented Harsimran Attli lives in Patiala, Punjab. He has more than 500k followers on Instagram. Like other content creators, he has something different in his kitty, as he roasts the popular songs by doing hilarious actions. His videos are loved by the audience. Sometimes his unique steps went so viral that the artist of the song also shares his reels. He got viral on social media through this video.

Vishnu Kaushal

Vishnu Kaushal is a famous content creator from Chandigarh, who makes joyful content as well as uses his platform to speak about various problems of society. Everyone loves Vishnu for its amazing content. He has a verified Instagram page with more than 500k followers. Like Sarcaster, his content is also based on sarcasm and comedy. Especially his videos on Brown parents which get huge applause. His videos on Desi Aunty and Shagun went viral the most with 7.1 million views. 

Gurkaran Singh

An actor, poet and entertainer Gurkaran Singh is winning everyone’s heart with his inspirational videos. His videos are funny but also motivating. Sometimes he talks about farmers’ protests and other about Covid Crises. A content creator Gurkaran is expanding rage through his reels on Instagram. People loved his videos because of his straightforward reactions. His video ‘Bache Mann k sache, how to get govt jobs’ gets a great number of views.

Karan Dutta

Karan Dutta hails from Jalandhar to make people’s life more fascinating through his Startling video content. The audience not only liked his funny video but also his motivational video. Karan has more than 55k followers on Instagram. He mostly makes the video using his voice with some background score. This video makes him viral.

Joshua Sooch

Joshua Sooch is a real Punjabi but has a foreign-based account. He is another pungent video content creator. Due to his foreign-based audience, many of his videos are in English. Moreover, he has a Punjabi video with an American accent, which went viral a lot. His video, where he was imitating Diljit Dosanjh in super singh, went viral and was liked by thousands of people. Moreover, the video got 46k views on Instagram.


An Indo-Canadian content creator, Jerry is gaining popularity on social media through her comical videos. In her video, she uses a big lips filter. Though she hailed from Toronto, she never forgot her Punjabi culture. After telling her busy schedule in one of her reels, she became famous.

Lovely Kohali

Lovely is a true Punjabi and great Video creator. His videos are established on day-to-day satirical activities. If you have ever watched his videos then you must notice that he always writes his captions in Punjabi. Kohai represents his Punjab and punjabiyat in his videos. Moreover, his videos are funny and humorous. He has 102k followers on Instagram. He gets 1.5 million views in this video.

Sandeep Singh

A comedian, influencer Sandeep Singh is getting loads of praise for his content which went viral on social media. Sandeep’s content is based on the Punjabi language, mimicking old ladies, mothers and presenting them in the funniest ways. Sandeep has more than 190k followers on Instagram. His parent’s teacher meeting video gets viral with 3.7 million views.

Kirpanpreet Dhillon

A social media influencer Kirpanpreet Dhillon has thousands of followers on her Instagram account. She is very new to reel culture, but one of her reels in which she is acting like if Brown Mom spends 6 months in Canada, then how will she talk. Her voice is used by thousands of influencers. She is recognised due to that video, so she changed her profile and wrote  ‘Peoplan hi Peoplan’ actor. Scroll down and watch her recent viral video which garnered 140k views. Watch it here


Instagram content creator Gurnaz has hailed from Canada. She is well known for her great looks and cute smile. Also, she is a famous Tiktoker. She mostly made sync videos but sometimes she creates her own content. She is a great dancer and her videos go viral on social media. Gurnaz has 162k followers on her Instagram. Her most liked video is when she acts like the people who say ‘Indians aren’t good looking’. The video garnered more than 3 million views. See how smartly she reacts. Watch video here

So, these are some video content creators, who not only entertain us but also influence us in many ways. While we are figuring out a way to brighten up the pandemic, these content creators came to social media to rescue us. Also, they rolled the lockdown blues efficient by serving fresh ideas and content and not to forget distributing smiles and laughs across the world.

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