Relive Review: GXRNOOR Absolutely Shines In Her Debut Track

Relive Review: GXRNOOR Absolutely Shines In Her Debut Track

Someone has rightly said “Music is therapy”. Gxrnoor, the latest talent in the Punjabi music industry, is the testimony. The young talented female vocalist has released her debut track as a lead artist – Relive. The song is officially out on all audio platforms for the audience to listen.

Relive makes you live the music! Gurnoor’s vocals are a blessing to the ears. Her voice enchants you, makes you want to lose yourself in it. To experience the charm and the spell-casting Gurnoor’s voice has on the audience, you need to listen to Relive.

The lyrics of the song are simple yet successfully deliver the message. It is about a woman madly in love but doubtful. She cares for her lover but the same isn’t true for him. Once in our lives, we have all felt it and that just makes ‘Relive’ a track that everyone can relate too.

The fast beats of the track moves your body by itself. Overall, the vocals, the lyrics and the music of the song lands perfectly and makes it a song complete in all senses. If you love listening to R&B, synthwave and hip hop genre of music, you are surely going to love Relive.

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