Bigg Boss: Here’s How Much Fees Salman Khan Charges For Hosting Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss is one of the most watched reality shows in India. Every year the show’s TRP keeps on increasing thanks to the entertaining contestants, interesting tasks, lots of drama and unstoppable fights between the housemates which grabs the audience’s attention at first glance. 

The concept and the theme of the show keeps on changing with every season along with the house interior and members but one thing which has been the constant is the show’s host. Salman Khan has been hosting Bigg Boss throughout the years and undoubtedly no other actor would have pulled the role better than our own Bhaijaan. 

With every season, there are reports and speculations about how much the contestants earn per week and who is the highest paid of them all but nobody really thinks of how much salary does the host Salman Khan take per season. Does he have a fixed amount or it increases with each season? 

As per the industry sources as mentioned by bollywoodlife, Salman Khan is earning ₹12 crores per week which means he is getting ₹6 crore per episode. So if the show runs for 4 months which is the usual duration, Salman Khan will take home ₹200 crores for the entire season. 

Now let’s see how much Salman has bagged in the previous seasons- 

From season 4 to 6

It’s reported that Salman used to earn ₹2.5 crores for the Bigg Boss season 4-6.The actor not only earned crores of money but millions worth fanbase too. 

Source: MX Player

From season 7 to 8

Reportedly, Salman Khan’s fees in season 7 was ₹5 crores. It got increased in the next season as the actor charged ₹5.5 crores for season 8.

Source: Wikipedia

From season 9 to 10

Salman Khan’s fees saw a huge increment as the actor charged around ₹7-8 crores for season 9. During season 10, Salman Khan was being paid ₹8 crores for hosting the show. 

Source: The Economic Times

From Season 11 to 12

Salman Khan was charging ₹11 crores for season 11 and for season 12, the actor was charging around ₹12+14 crores for hosting. 

Source: Dailymotion

From Season 13- 14

Salman Khan’s fees surely rocketed as the actor charged a whopping amount of ₹15.50 crores for the season 13 and for the season 14 the actor charged ₹25 crores. 

For season 15

As reported by, Salman Khan charged ₹350 crores to host the entire season 15. Later in season 16, it was reported that Salman Khan took the pay cut from the makers and did not increase his salary. 

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