Simar Doraha’s ‘Bullet’ Drives Every Punjabi Down The Memory Lane, Nostalgia Overloaded

The latest hit in the Punjabi music industry, Simar Doraha’s Bullet is a must-hear for every music fan. The song is filled with memories. It is a complete rollercoaster ride, one moment you would be cherishing the good old times when “Yaaran Naal Bullet di Gedi” was an everyday job, the next moment would make you shed a tear. Bullet is not just a vehicle for Punjabi Munde, it is an emotion.

The main chorus of the song is lyrically so powerful, it is sure to make everyone emotional. It is the testimony of how the human heart is so fragile, it gets so emotionally attached to things and articles that owe importance and value to it and makes everyone go back the memory lane.

It is so moving to see such a beautiful song blessing our industry. In these times when Punjabi songs have become self-centric, guns and other stuff, such an emotional song with the nostalgic vibe is a big up for the industry. Punjabi music fans want this. The song is pure lyrics, music, singing, and pure art! Simar Doraha has recently been hitting the charts with his beautiful songs and Bullet is just another one of these. 

Listen to the song here :

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