Google CEO Sundar Pichai Unveils Top Trending ‘Why’ Questions On Diwali

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet Inc., exemplifies brilliance and resilience. His journey from humble beginnings to heading one of the world’s tech giants reflects dedication and innovation. 

Sunday’s Diwali greeting from Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai resonates globally, unveiling the festival’s inquisitiveness among Google users. Pichai goes on to unveil the top five queries searched on Google, shedding light on the diverse interests sparked by the festival of lights. 

Pichai extended Diwali greetings and posted, “Happy Diwali to all who celebrate! We’re seeing lots of interest about Diwali traditions on Search, here are a few of the top trending “why” questions worldwide.”

The Questions that featured in the top five searches were as follows:

  1. Why do Indians celebrate Diwali?
  2. Why do we do rangoli on Diwali?
  3. Why do we light lamps on Diwali?
  4. Why is Lakshmi puja done on Diwali? 
  5. Why oil bath on Diwali? 

In October 2023, PM Modi virtually discussed Google’s role in enhancing India’s electronics manufacturing with Sundar Pichai. Modi praised Google’s partnership with HP for local Chromebook production and applauded the 100 languages initiative. He encouraged Google to develop AI tools for effective governance in Indian languages.

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