Want To Make Songs Like Badshah? Here Is The 8 Step Humorous Guide

A quirky video has been making rounds on the internet. In the video, musician Anshuman Sharma shared tips on how to compose a song like Badshah and shared some steps to write a song as well. He explained it like; to write a hit song, just think how much you want to party, then think of a girl with whom you want to party and write about her. 

After that, play some chords and in steps 4 and 5, one must add a peppy beat and a synth bass to the song. The next step asks the person to sing like they want to enter into a club, but are scared of their parents (Whisper!). In step 7, one has to include a brass hit and get inspired by DJ Snake’s songs.

In the last step, one just needs to combine the elements all together and Voila! The song is completed. Here, in 8 simple steps, a Badshah song is ready for you to play. 

Not only netizens, but Anshuman’s video even caught the attention of the rapper himself and his reaction is just too good to miss out on. 

The video is getting viral all over the internet. Netizens even flooded Twitter with the funniest reactions and comments.

Isn’t this epic? Meanwhile, this is not the first time Anshuman Sharma has made this hilarious video. He previously made similar videos explaining how to sound like Ritviz and Prateek Kuhad as well. You can check out his Instagram profile to enjoy more such content.

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