Here’s the list of 9 Hottest Adult  Web Series On Netflix–

1. Emily in Paris This is damn erotic. It doesn't show you much action but every scene  will turn you up.

2. Bridgerton Royal, Romantic and Beautiful. A  great watch.

3. Young Royals This is grounded, realistic, romantic and has a very good storyline as well.

4. Hollywood This Ryan Murphy show follows a story of young, optimistic aspiring performers in Hollywood  during the 1940s.

5. Tiny Pretty Things Based on a book, featuring a teenage drama, this will definitely turn  the heat up.

6. Twice Upon a Time This french drama delivers a story that proves why sometime second  chances are important.

7. The Politician This comedy drama created by Ryan Murphy is a very good watch for you  if you love high school romance.

8. Tidelands This perfect combination of sexiness, violence, love and mystery is definitely a great watch.

9. Valeria This spanish drama has a nice & engaging story that hails  love, drama, relationships & unfaithfulness.  Good watch.