Afghan-American Novelist Khaled Hosseini’s daughter has come  out as transgender.

Khaled Hosseini is popular for writing about Taliban  rule back home.

Khaled himself broke out the news through all of his social media platforms and a beautiful message.

He wrote that he’s never been prouder of his daughter and that she has taught their family about bravery and truth.

He also shared two pictures of his daughter, one as a child and  one recent photo.

Khaled Hosseini fled from Afghanistan when the Taliban took over and came to America.

Ever since, he has been writing about Islamist extremist Taliban rule in his best-selling books Kite Runner and more.

Harris Hosseini, the daughter to come out as transgender, is one  of his two daughters.

Harris has been a top actor in the United States and has bagged many awards at National speech and debate tournaments across the US.

She has also been a climate activist and a writer, following in her father’s footsteps.