On July 2, 2022, the Chinese government stated that they have to edit the 20 minute monologue from Marvel's Thor: Love & Thunder.

The monologue was about why the US shouldn't be afraid of China's powerless military.

During an unrelated fight scene, Thor tells Korg. “They are weak-willed, sluggish people that the US can easily trounce in combat."

"China is a worthless, flaccid military regime that has poor & pathetic rulers asleep at the wheel," he added.

Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, voiced his confusion on China's  editing of the film.

Feige said that, “I’ll never understand why China makes seemingly nonsensical edits.”

"It’s just a fantasy movie about vikings, super heroes, and how China’s current missile silos couldn’t reach the West if they tried,"  fiege added.

Marvel revealed that China would also be removing a funny post-credits scene.

The scene shows Thor flies to Xi Jinping's private mansion & chokes him  on live television.

On why the speech was initially included, director Taika Waititi went into further detail & justified the addition of the monologue.