Alia Bhatt's Darlings is now out for streaming on Netflix from August 5.

Darlings also stars Shefali Shah & Vijay Varma Roshan Mathew alongside Alia Bhatt  in lead roles.

Helmed by Jasmeen K. Reen, Darlings tells the story of a volatile marriage steeped  in neo-noir devices.

This dark comedy is a tale of marital discord assumes the form of a revenge drama.

Darlings is shot through with quirky humour & served with a dash of provocative storyline.

However, the screenplay has space for grey areas that need illumination as the story unfolds.

The movie embraces a wonderful concept but seems to lose its grip at many points.

Alia Bhatt is brilliant in her role of Badrunissa "Badru" Shaikh. While Shefali, Vijay & Roshan are also spectacular  in the movie.

The movie's background score is one of many things that deserve appreciation  from the audience.

Overall, Darling is a unique movie from bollywood that serves dark comedy with  thriller marvelously.