'The Most Hated Man On The Internet' is now  streaming  on Netflix.

It is a Netflix documentary based on Hunter Moore- who called himself a professional 'life ruiner'.

It is a three-part docuseries that tells the story of how a woman went full mama bear on Hunter, after he shared nude photos of her daughter on his website @IsAnyoneUp.com

Hunter stole & posted a nude image of former Los Angeles politician Charlotte Laws’ daughter.

Laws was the first activist who initiated to take down Hunter Moore & his site through anonymous blogs that  exposed the evil.

Director Rob Miller has painted a haunting picture of how easily someone like Moore can gain power, & abuse that power, by the click of a button.

The archival footage used in the documentary shows exactly what kind of person Moore  was in his 20s.

The show always has something to offer but the length; 167 minutes-long 3-episodes series could have been trimmed to 90-100 minutes.

Overall, The Most Hated Man On Internet is a must-watch docuseries that will take you to a heartbreaking & sadistic ride.