Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa parted their ways a few weeks ago after living separately for a long  time now.

It was Charu Asopa who initiated the process of divorce by sending a notice to Rajeev.

Charu opened up and said that Rajeev doesn’t have time for his family.

Later, Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen called out his wife for hiding her first marriage from him.

However, Charu disagreed with it by saying that her ex-husband knew everything about her.

It was just recently when Rajeev again came out and spoke up. He said that Charu is playing a victim card in front of the media.

To this, Charu took to Instagram and posted a caption under her post, which people think is a probable reply to Rajeev.

The caption says, ‘You can lie to the world but can’t lie to yourself, can’t lie to your soul and most importantly don’t ever forget karma is going to come back’.

Rajeev and Charu got married in 2019 and gave birth to a girl in 2021.

Reportedly, the two faced a problematic marriage since the beginning and finally both of them parted ways this year, in 2022.