The meteor showers lovers are all geared up to see the Geminid  meteor shower.

This year, the Geminids will peak on December 14 & 15 And you will be  able to witness them with  the naked eye.

As per the Time and date, the visibility will be excellent from 7:47 pm to  11:13 pm on Wednesday.

The Geminids will be on peak with nearly 150 meteors per hour approaching Earth.

You can watch scores of meteors streak across the sky away from  bright city lights.

Let us tell you that Meteors are usually fragments of comets.

And when the fragments enter the Earth’s atmosphere at high speed,  they burn up, creating a spectacular “shower”.

NASA describes the Geminids Showers as “one of the best and most reliable annual meteor showers”.

The Geminids are unique as they originated from an asteroid called  the 3200 Phaethon rather  than from a comet.

You do not need to use any special equipment to view the showers, just make sure to give your eyes enough time to adjust to the darkness.