Apple is known for updating its products every now and then to provide a better experience  to its users.

Reportedly, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted another patent called “Modifying functionality of an electronic device during a moisture exposure event.”

It will make it easy for the users to use their iPhone in the rain.

The device is built to survive moisture to reduce problems in typing on a web display or  with wet fingers.

The device will detect the ‘false taps’ created by the liquid and eliminate them.

Users will have to press with more force than the dynamic threshold to prevent liquid or rain droplets from setting off touch inputs.

The camera’s UI will also change the selected settings based on  the various modes.

The device’s display will also show the phone’s current depth, allowing the user to keep it inside the limitations of its water- resistance properties.

Moreover, since when Apple will actually begin working on this new project has not been specified yet.