Snapchat has announced & launched its paid premium  version "Snapchat+"

The paid tier offers users a collection of exclusive, experimental &  pre-release features for a monthly subscription

Snapchat has finally launched its paid premium after teasing  for a few months

The premium tier adds exclusive features for a monthly price & also offers prioritized support.

Snapchat is also offering a free trial with its Plus subscription that you can simply cancel before  the trial expires.

The most notable feature coming with Snapchat Plus includes the ability to pin your best friends on the top of the chat window.

Other features of Snapchat+ includes Story rewatch count, customisable app icons, ghost trails, Snapchat+ user  badge & more.

However, Snapchat seems to have no plans to provide ad-free usage or ad-less usage with its Plus subscription.

The paid version is available to users in a total of 9 countries for $3.99 per month right now.

For now, Snapchat Plus is only available to users in the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand,  Saudi Arabia & UAE.