Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa crashed head-on with a motorcyclist on a LA-area road.

On Sunday, The accident happened when Momoa was traveling near Calabasas on the weekend.

Fortunately, the actor and the motorcyclist both are  absolutely fine.

Jason Momoa wasn’t hurt in  the incident while the  motorcyclist was having  minor injuries.

The motorcyclist was taken to the nearby hospital in an ambulance for further treatment.

The main reason behind the accident was the two vehicles were traveling on a windy road on a foggy morning & the motorcyclist was on the  wrong lane.

A video, shot on the helmet-mounted camera of a passing cyclist, showing the aftermath of the crash, went viral  after the crash.

A police cruiser & two-emergency response vehicles immediately reached the place of accident.

The bike rider reportedly was in the wrong lane & smashed into Momoa’s car head-on.

Fans are concerned about Momoa & being grateful to God as nothing happened to the beloved actor.