Bollywood is going through a rough patch and in such a situation, Ayushmann took a big step that  shows his love towards the cinema.

Ayushmann Khurrana has reportedly slashed his per movie fees recently.

The superstar actor has released a new & updated fees structure.

According to the reports, Ayushmann will now charge ₹15 crores per movie.

Previously, he used to charge ₹25 crore for doing a single movie.

Well, Ayushmann has created his own set of rules, according to which he  will still charge ₹25 crores.

The actor will charge ₹15 crore and if the movie does earns well then only  he will ask for ₹10 crore more  from the makers.

Ayushmann is coming back to silver screens with a comedy drama  'Doctor G' in October.

And for this movie too, Ayushmann has charged 15 crore and if the movie does well at the box office then only he will accept the next 10 crore of his share.

Fans are numb right now and showing their pain and grief towards the late comedian on the social media.