Much loved Indian actor Dhanush recently made his hollywood debut in Russo Bros.' 'The Gray Man'.

Although the action-packed movie stumbled in performance as per the expectations, Dhanush was quite impressive in the role of Avil San.

Immediately after the release of Original part on July 22, a sequel was confirmed by  the Russo Brothers.

The Gray Man had an elite cast that included Ryan Gosling, Chris Hemsworth &  Ana De Armas in lead roles.

Even around big Hollywood names, Dhanush was magnificent & his performance also brought weight in the movie.

Towards the end of The Gray Man, Avik mysteriously disappears while Ryan Gosling's Six is in the wind.

Dhanush shared a short audio clip on Twitter that has him informing Six that they are both looking for the same person & he will find him first & end him.

In the clip, Avik also urges Six to stop looking & to not cross paths with him.

Not only this post, but Russo Brothers' statement about Dhanush, confirms his return.

The Russo Brothers said before the release of The Gray Man that they don't want Dhanush to be a one-off character.