Whenever it seems that now the Amber-Johnny issue will cool down, something new comes.

After the recent defamation trial results that fall into the favour of Johnny, Amber is reportedly  living a low-key life.

She’s been ordered to pay a sum of $10.35 million to Johnny but doesn’t have that kind of money.

There have been multiple reports that Elon Musk has helped her financially pay lawyers during the trial.

Elon & Amber share a good bond but their past seems to be more than  just a casual relationship.

As per Geo News, Heard wanted to settle down with Elon while they  were dating in 2017.

Reportedly, the marriage proposal from Amber became the major  reason for their break-up.

A source told Geo News, “Amber was desperately trying to marry Elon and she wanted to use the same strategy on him like she used on Johnny."

"But Amber’s plan did not work out because Elon refused to marry  her,” he added.

Heard & Musk started dating in May 2016 & were together for  almost a year.