Google Doodle on 11 December celebrating the 122nd birthday of Scientist Maria Telkes.

Maria Telkes, a Hungarian-American biophysicist, scientist & inventor who worked on solar energy technologies.

For her outstanding contribution in the field of solar energy, Maria Telkes was given the sobriquet 'Sun Queen'.

Telkes was born on December 11, 1900  in the Hungarian city  of Budapest.

On the academic front, Telkes studied physical chemistry & graduated with a B.A. in 1920.

She completed her PhD in 1924 & moved to the US the following year to become a biophysicist.

Telkes is best known for her invention of the solar distiller & the first solar-powered heating system designed  for residences.

In her successful career, Telkes earned as many as 20 patents & invested in several breakthrough technologies.

In her lifetime she won a number of achievements including the Society of Women Engineers Achievement  Award in 1952.

On December 2nd, 1995 Maria Telkes passed away in the Hungarian  capital- Budapest.