It is rumored that Billie Eilish is currently dating American singer, songwriter & actor Jesse  Rutherford.

Eilish & Jesse were photographed by other diners in the Los Angeles vegan restaurant called Crossroads.

People around them claimed that they were having the lady & the tramp moment as the duo were sharing  some spaghetti.

The meal went out for about 3 hours & it looked like they were having a great time & having a good conversation.

A video is also going viral on the internet in which both are seen walking hand in hand together in Universal Studios Hollywood.

Billie has also shared pictures of Jesse on her Instagram account to support the fans’ beliefs.

As soon as the videos went viral on the internet, all the Billie Eilish fans  went crazy.

While many found the rumored couple a good match, others went on to massively troll and criticize the  major age gap between them.

Billie Eilish is 20 years old, while Rutherford on the other hand  is in his 30s.

However, both Billie & Jesse hasn't made any remark on their  dating rumor.