After Disney purchased Fox in 2019, fans have been wondering how mutants will be introduced to MCU.

Marvel has made it clear that its web show Ms. Marvel is the first stepping stone towards the introduction of mutants.

We learned earlier in the Disney+ web show, Ms. Marvel that Kamala Khan activated something  within herself.

We are later told that she’s a djinn, a completely new supernatural being for Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However, in the sixth and the last episode, Khan and Bruno dig deep into the reason behind her supernaturality.

Bruno then comments that there’s something still different about her, something like a “mutation”.

On top of the scene, the actual X-Men: The Animated Series theme song starts playing!

This confirms that Ms. Marvel is going to be the first step of MCU towards introducing mutants  and even X-Men.

This can mean that we could soon see Wolverine, Professor X (already featured in Doctor Strange’s alternative film universe)  and Magneto in MCU.

MCU hasn’t itself confirmed anything about an X-Men introduction to the  Universe though.