Meta has recently announced multiple new features for Instagram Reels.

Meta assures the latest features will make it more fun for users as well as make it easier for creators to collaborate, create  and share reels.

The new IG reels features include the ability to remix public photos on Instagram.

Users will be able to choose from new Remix layouts or add your clip to the end of an existing video for more storytelling options.

Now creators can add their own commentary on someone  else's content.

It is also going to be easier for the creators to create reels using Templates with preloaded audio & clip placeholders.

There will be a new Dual camera feature that allows users to record content &  react at the same time.

Meta assured that the professionals will also have a lot of potential for small businesses using Instagram as a marketing tool to engage with their customers.

They also revealed that another new addition coming soon is new video posts shorter than 15 minutes being shared  as reels.

All the latest features will be implemented in the upcoming weeks.