Actress & singer Monica Dogra opens up to be a pansexual last year.

The 39-year-old revealed her sexual orientation while promoting her drama series, The Married Woman  in Lucknow.

Terms like homosexual, bisexual & pansexual have become more visible with awareness among people.

The term pansexual consists of two words: pan and sexual. Pan means all, so pansexuality means sexual attraction to a variety of, or all genders.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, "a pansexual person has the potential for emotional, romantic, or sexual attraction to people of any gender.”

In a recent interview, she shared her journey as a pansexual person.

Dogra said that she had only ever heard the word pansexual some 5-6 years ago & thought that it described her.

The actress added that earlier sexual orientations were very black and white.

"Gay was even a slang word connoting something bad. It was so twisted," she said in a recent interview.

She added that “Either you were gay or you were straight & if you were gay you certainly weren’t accepted or celebrated."