Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the National Emblem cast atop the New Parliamentary Building.

The National Emblem received criticism from opposition leaders and stirred up a nationwide controversy.

Many people including opposition leaders, criticised the expressions of the four lions in the Emblem.

They allege that the original four-lions look calm and peace-loving while the ones unveiled by Narendra Modi are wearing a rather angry and aggressive expression.

The opposition alleged that by toying with the National Emblem itself, BJP has violated the constitution.

They also blamed BJP for the unconstitutional unveiling of the National Emblem.

They alleged that secularism was hurt during the unveiling as the PM offered only Hindu prayers.

No opposition leader was invited to the event, which again, the opposition termed as unconstitutional.

The Indian Government has justified saying that the cast was done after proper research and well-laid procedure.

The event has also divided Netizens over social media, who are sharing pictures of the National Emblem.