The fans have been long demanding an official OTT release of the original  Spiderman Trilogy.

The demands have finally been answered and Sam Raimi & Tobey Mcguire’s Spiderman Trilogy is finally getting  an OTT release.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 will be officially releasing on Netflix and Hulu.

Netflix, through a tweet, announced that the original Spiderman series will be available on the platform  from 1 August.

Hulu also released a list of titles making their release on the platform and Spider-Man  Trilogy was also one of them.

Hulu will also see the Spider-Man Trilogy’s debut on 1 August.

Earlier, the three films were available to be streamed on Peacock platform.

But it disappeared from the major streaming platforms earlier this year.

Ever since, fans had been waiting for the Spider-Man Trilogy to make an OTT comeback.

Spider-Man is a fan favourite hero and the original Spider-Man Trilogy still remains the  hero’s classic movies.