Netflix’s has recently released its latest crime-thriller-drama documentary called Indian Predator:  The Butcher Of Delhi.

It is based on a real spine-chilling case of a serial killer who committed countless murders in Delhi.

Delhi’s CC Killer aka Chandrakant Jha, over 15 years ago began leaving headless bodies at the gate of Tihar Jail and teasing the police to catch him.

The documentary includes interviews of the cops, confidential informants of the Delhi Police, and even the people who knew Chandrakant.

The serial killer; Chandrakant did not join the taping due to jail rules and his family, naturally, refused to participate.

The show is gripping, full of surprises and also horrific at various points, which does justice to being an outstanding crime thriller.

The people who easily get uncomfortable watching violence and blood-shed on screen are advised to think before beginning watching this show.

This 3 episode long show is not a lengthy watch and can be wrapped within 2 hours of binge-watching.

Kiddaan gives Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi 4.5/5 stars.